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Estate Planning for Business Owners

Our estate planning attorneys are here to assist you in preparing succession plans for Wisconsin business owners. Whether you are a new business looking to plan for the future or are in the process of planning the next steps of your business, give our attorneys a call and have peace of mind knowing your business’s future is in safe hands.

Estate Planning for Business Owners

Business Succession Planning without a Successor

If no successor is available and the owner has not sold the company before their death, then a good business estate plan should incorporate procedures as to how the company will be sold after death. This may involve selecting an individual or trustee to make major decisions on the sale, creating a formula for valuating the company, and having a reasonable plan for finding a buyer, such as consulting a professional business broker.

Ultimately, it is often better to sell and transition out of your business while you are still alive, rather than incorporating such transition into your estate plan for your family members and other future humans to deal with. Selling your business during life gives you finality and assurance that the equity and wealth you built won’t be squandered by ill-advised individuals after your death, and also puts you in direct control of the transition of one of the most important facets of your life and career.

Plan Your Business’s Future

Our attorneys are here to help you plan for your business’s future in the event of a sale or other ownership changes including death, disability, and resignation. Call today to learn more about our business succession planning and other services.