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Wisconsin Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys

Prenuptial agreements, or marital property agreements as they’re called in Wisconsin, are for more than just protecting your assets in the event of a divorce; they also establish financial expectations, clarify responsibilities, and safeguard individual interests within the marriage.

Wisconsin Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys

What should I ask for in a prenuptial agreement?

When discussing a prenuptial agreement with your spouse or lawyer, the things you should be asking for are the property items that you absolutely want to retain and keep as your own upon an unfortunate, future divorce. Some examples of important property that you may want to isolate and designate as your “individual” property are:

  • Retirement or Savings Accounts Retirement benefits which you worked very hard for to save up and secure over your career should be protected, so that you can still retire comfortably and on time. 
  • Family Inheritances This could include cash, retirement benefits, emotionally attached real estate such as a family vacation home or hunting cabin, heirlooms, closely held family businesses, and classic vehicles, among others.
  • Businesses If you put the blood, sweat, tears, time, and equity into starting your own successful business, you should consider protecting it with a prenuptial agreement so that your entire career is not upended or made very uncomfortable if you ever got divorced someday.
  • Real Estate If you worked hard and saved to purchase an important piece of real estate by yourself, such as a home residence, business property, or vacation home, you may want to considering isolating and protecting it from claims of your future spouse in a divorce. It can be devastating to lose all or some rights to your important real estate, such as having to move out of your beloved home.
  • Investment Assets If you own property that may have a chance to significantly rise in value in the future, such as a stock investment account, real estate, or cryptocurrency, you should consider protecting it from a divorce distribution. You may be severely disappointed in the future if you are forced to share that asset with your divorcing spouse, especially if it has substantially multiplied in value.

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